Digital designer.
Calm and enamoured.

Let me help you build your next digital product. Whether it’s a website, app, startup or fully grown company. 
I’m all ears.

Interface design

Whether it’s improving or creating new visuals, my designs are responsive for all devices, modern and built on a foundation that is easy to keep working with for a long time. It’s always built with the user in the front seat.

User experience

Through interviews, data analysis and user testing, I can define user goals and build a product foundation. Based on the results, I'll create user flows, wireframes and prototypes to design a user friendly product environment.

Connecting with the audience through a logotype or colors, or online banners that connects with the brand guidelines. I’m ready to build a strong foundation for your company.


Solid, easy to understand ideas that sends a strong message is part of my expertise. Let me tell your customers a story they’ll enjoy. I can produce digital banners, prints and more.

I’d love to hear from you.

For business enquiries, more past work experience or details about my risotto and want to know more? Don’t hesitate.

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I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing people and companies. These are some of them.

Oh, more designs...

Work in progress

I publish bits and pieces of my design process. Here's my most recent uploads.

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