Hi, I'm William Love Bengtsson

Hey, I'm William

Designer at Plentific, alumni of the Interactive Art Director programme at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden (where I graduated "With Distinction"). Bachelor Degree in PR & Communication from University of Gothenburg.

Hip hop addicted, rookie pasta-goes-with-anything chef and amateur football player. I tell myself I'm decent at football, but deep down I know I'm just watching a lot, perhaps not playing as well as much as I'm watching it. 

Born 1991 and raised in the mud from Göta River in Gothenburg. Calm and enamored. I try to consistently evolve my hobbies & passions, and the greatest one is design.

Today that passion has given me a position as Lead Designer for Plentific, a search market for people to find a Professional for their next home improvement project. It's valued at £12 million.


I am effective while creating wireframes and mock up to test designs with developers and to test with users at an early stage.

Team player

During my time at Hyper Island, I deeply practiced my team work skills and now I feel like I am even better at collaborating.


I’ve done a fair share of Keynotes in my life, and even though I’m no expert, I enjoy presenting and enjoy getting better at it.


I always complete what I’ve said I will do in certain time and do so efficiently. I always finish my tasks and strive do to more.

Interactive Art Director

Hyper Island

Aug 2014 - March 2015
9 months

A modern education of work and personality

The new digital world needs new digital experts. This education was about evolving my existing expertise in visual communication and design preparing me for a career as an Art Director, Designer, and Strategist.

It sharpened my design skills and challenged me to solve real world problems. Created in partnership with industry professionals, the program covers the entire production spectrum, from strategy and branding to execution. I gained expertise in planning, research, user experience, user-centered design, business development and entrepreneurial skills.

Bachelor in PR & Communication

University of Gothenburg

2012 -  2014
3 years

A foundation of learnings about communication

In a fast moving digital world it is key to be able to tell a story that impacts people with your company. During this three year education, I learnt about business analysis, business intelligence, the strategy of creating a brand, target groups and how to get a message out to the customers. It was about creating communication between people and involving the brand. It was a balance between theory and practical skills.

I wrote my thesis about the branding of City of Gothenburg and how they communicate with it's citizens and a proposal of how to change their work method to create a more effective communication strategy. The paper got published on their website.

Graphic Communication

Berghs School of Communication

1 semester 

A foundation of learnings about design

A course with focus on visual communication and graphic design across both traditional and new media. I also learnt about problem-solving and applying ideas within the graphic design area. 

Lead UI / UX Designer


March 2015 - 

Design and evolve the platform

Straight out of school, I went to Plentific to work as a UI & UX Designer. I've been doing user journey, planning and executing new products within the project and doing so in responsive design. Plentific is a search engine for handymens in England. They've joined a partnership with one of UK's biggest property platforms, thus joining a network with over 45 million page views a month. 

Junior PR Intern


Nov 2013 - Jan 2014
3 months

Public relationship management

After my bachelor, I went to intern at Springtime, one of Swedens biggest PR bureaus. I wrote press releases, prepared and sent packages to clients, gathered intelligence and did benchmarking during my period at Springtime.

Designer & Editor


Sep 2013 - Sep 2014
1 year

Created my own e-magazine

During 2013, I created and hosted a self-produced, over 50 pages a number, e-book about movies, art, history, pop-culture and food. It was a way of me reflecting myself, my interest and life, in a form where I could express myself through my design. It was downloaded over thousands of times and got posivite feedback.

Freelance designer

W&B Design

Jan 2012 - March 2015
3 years and 3 months

Designed and coded websites for clients

I started designing as a kid. Playing around in Photoshop in my early teens. This got me into visual communication and the art of communication. Throughout the years, I've produced countless digital designs, such as websites, concepts, mobile designs to advertisements such as banners, e-books etc. I've also learnt to code HTML and CSS as well as producing content for popular platforms such as WordPress. Clients include a ceramics e-commerce store, a doctor, a tennis club amongst others.

Art Director


Jan 2011 - Jan 2013
2 years

Brand manager and web designer

I produced the website, print material for the gallery and produced material and content for marketing as well as being part of structuring and planning the marketing. 

Art Director Intern

Valentin Byhr

Jan 2011 - April 2013
4 months

Designer for big brands

AD Intern at Valentin & Byhr. I designed, learned about the advertisement business and was part of creating digital and print content for large brand such as Liseberg and Götenehus.