Digital designer

UI / UX Designer living in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Currently Lead Designer for £12m valued startup.
Enthusiastic shower singer.

What I Do

Websites and Products

I create web sites. More than just drawing the lines and choosing the colours, I help to develop the product, see what can be improved, added or even removed, for the benefit of the company and user.


William - Designer

Responsive Design

I create web sites that works on every device. And do so looking good. I’ve created mobile websites as well as apps along the years. I believe the most important thing is that the user fully experience the site and product, and with a majority of users surfing mobile, a good looking, effective mobile site is essential to a business nowadays. 


UI / UX Designer i Göteborg

I Design The Whole Journey

To get the user experience the platform, the web site starts even before visiting the site. The way in, the experience during and the follow-up is as essential as the important call-to-action button on the site. I prototype my way to finding the best solution to achieve this.


Webdesign, App, Design


Awards & Noteworthy

1,400 Followers on Behance

I'm very happy and thankful for all the people that have decided to follow and comment my work and my progress to design even better.


William - Designer

Finalist in Pepsi Competition

My project for Pepsi went to final. I went to Stockholm and presented my concept in front of a jury and won 10.000 SEK for my idea.


Gothenburg Web Designer

Used in a network of millions

Where I work now has over 45 million views monthly in our network which has been learningful: to create something popular.


Gothenburg Web Designer

"You're an incurable, lovely and hopeless romantic"

Björn Ranelid

One of Swedens most famous authors, told during a presentation I did for Pepsi (where I went to final and won 10 000 SEK for a Top 10 placement)

Working on right now

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Want to chat?

Write me an email at, or check out my work at DribbbleBehance or Instagram. Maybe check out my resume at LinkedIn. Or click the cute button below to open your mail app and send me an email:

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