Plentific mission: to help you find the perfect professional and local tradesmen for your home services needs. 

Plentific is a online portal for homeowners to find their next home professional; plumber, handyman, interior designer, surveyor, electrician, swimming pool specialist and just about everything else. It's one of UK's biggest portal of its kind and help thousands find their next home professional. I was part of building it from scratch. I started as an intern in March 2014 and in May 2016 I was Lead Design for the company of about 40 people.


How it works

The process for a job to be completed is pretty straight forward, but requires a lot of thinking; mails that needs to be sent out at certain moments, notifications, sms, security for payments, contacting the correct Pros based on the enquiry, etc. We found a good solution to the problem:

Getting Professionals to sign up and stay

To make customers be able to find professionals, we had to build a platform that would be interesting for professionals to sign up to. We built a B2B dashboard where they could upload their services, logo, header image, years in practice, projects that they've done, branches they have, team members.

The dashboard is where they log in and receive enquiries. It's easy to access through a mobile, tablet or desktop.

Here they can start conversations with customers, call customers, get support from our concierges, respond to reviews and edit their company information. This is where they edit their name, service area, services, logotype, awards, description, etc.



The Pros will receive leads, and once a lead is accepted, they'll get to chat, send quotes, send payment requests, receive payments, send and receive invoices, call the customer and more. 

The job details are always handy placed to the left so the Pro knows all the details of the job. They'll have a couple of tabs so it's easier to navigate here (since there's a lot of actions). On each respective tab the Pro can perform different actions, like send a message, send a quote, etc. On the right hand side they'll have a progress bar that automatically updates as the job enters new stages.

For Pros to do jobs, they need jobs.
Here's the flow of a customer posting a job.


The page above is the homepage. The customer arrives and can type in their desired service. This will lead them to the Post a Job form, where they specify what they need done. This design is below.

The design of this has been iterated a lot; from showing the whole form, to showing a question at a time, to being two columned with explanations on the right hand side to end up looking like this for now:



Just like the Pro, the customer has a dashboard where she/he can manage their projects: chat with Pros, select favourite Pros, call Pros, pay for the jobs, receive invoices, book meetings etc.


We've created aaaaa lot of emails. Marketing, email updates about jobs, reminders about upgrading, reminders about contacting someone, weekly updates about a job. Weekly updates about a project. New feature emails. Job detail emails. Etc. The list goes on.
Here's a handful.



The project can get really long. So I'll just drop these images here and mention them with links below. This is our Advice / Academy section, the Find a Pro library, a news article from our News / Blog portal. We've created a lot throughout the years and I can't keep you here forever, so I'll stop now.


I've worked at Plentific for a couple of years. I've been the only designer except the first year. The amount of features that we (me, the CTO, the developers, etc.) have created are nearly impossible to count. I've also created print campaigns, social media campaigns for the marketing team, email marketing foundation, nudge emails, a pattern library to create a design system to easily build new features fast and for the developers to save time.

I've built SEO pages, PPC landing pages, a find a pro portal, whitelabel pages with collaborators (like - a collaboration with UK's biggest house marketing portal). We've built a job lead marketplace. Many  landing pages. An Academy section (link). A news and blog portal (link). A huge Frequently Asked Question library. A completely different - as big as Plentific - product that I might be able to tell about at a later stage. We've A/B tested our forms and enhanced them along the way. We've changed our font, colours and logo, which in itself was a huge project. Everything has been responsive. And produced during little to no time.