William Bengtsson. Product designer.

William Bengtsson
Product designer in Stockholm

Currently building the future of fintech at Tink. Previously lead designer for Plentific, a proptech. Degree as an Art Director from Hyper Island. Before that, a Bachelor in PR from University of Gothenburg. Passionate about pixels, hip hop and football.

Shaping the new landscape for fintech

I designed, planned and was part of building the console for Tink: a place to build the next big thing in fintech.

Dark Mode for Sweden's most popular app

I designed the dark mode for the personal finance management app, Tink, and explain the benefits of a dark mode.

A blog, newsletter and home for hip hop

Running and creating a newsletter and delivering something to the readers week in, week out takes some time and effort. And insights.

Building an analytics tool from scratch

We needed an analytics tool so that our customers could see their usage. Here's my breakdown of how it got built.

Summary of what I've done at Tink

I've built dashboard, mobile apps and interfaces and designed a product foundation for the company who went from small to being worth 4B SEK.

3+ years at a product company in London

Difficult to summarize 3 years as a lone designer at a product company in London, but we built a lot, and it turned out great.

About me

I love to design products. Especially if it's something new: I'm fascinated by unexplored territory. When I build, I like to do it fast. But nice. And then revise it. Perhaps throw it in the trash. Take learnings from first iteration. Start over. Twice. Maybe three times.

And I've done that. Hundred of times. For Tink, Plentific, Wallry, Open House, Franklins, Strandverket, Liseberg, Dove, and more. And I love to keep doing that.

If I'd try to be reflect on who I am, I feel that I'm never satisfied with what I've done. That can take a toll on the self-confidence. But it's also the ultimate teacher: to never settle. Strive to always improve. It might be two steps forward, one step back — but I'd like to think that I am getting better at building, collaborating, designing, thinking, planning, executing.

Said about me

You always seem to break down the tasks into smaller ones and produce beautiful designs that are functional as well. I think you are very sincere as you always state your opinion. I can always reach out to William if I have any questions about something regarding the design. You’re also very responsible since you always manage to deliver on your given tasks which is impressive seeing your workload. But most importantly you are one of the friendliest persons at Tink!

Ruben Das, Back-end developer

William is thorough when he delivers something but has also a good feeling of when something can be done in a faster fashion. For example when we’ve been forced to live with an intermediate step in the apps when implementing design he’s flexible and helps out on solving the potential issues we have. Last but not least I think William is a very skilled on the craftsmanship and deliver beautiful design! It’s a blast to work with William!

Gustav Eén, Front-end developer

You seem to always be on top of things, quick to the point and efficient. I think you are one of the best "verbal designers" out there. You can talk about and showcase design in a way I’ve never seen. It’s so interesting to hear your take and thought process of a design, yours or someone else’s. I think you are a true thought-leader in our field.

Hannah Schobolom, Designer

The outcome of your work is fantastic. I’ve only heard positive reviews, which I hadn’t seen in other companies when it comes to design. You strive for excellence and will put whatever amount of work to reach such quality in your work.

Francois Tornier, Product director

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Product designer
Since '18
Lead designer
'17 - '18
Product designer
'15 - '17
Art Director
Hyper Island
'14 - '15
PR Intern
'14 - '14
PR Bachelor
Gothenburg Uni.
'12 - '14
AD intern
Valentin & Byhr
'11 - '11
Web designer
'08 - '15

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